[PREMIERE] Hip-Hop Producer Boathouse Drops Spacey 4 Track Collaborative EP [Free Download]

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing a talented rising hip-hop producer Boathouse, residing on Chicago based SoundScape studios, which houses the Closed Session label. Originally from Minneapolis, he was actually the engineer behind the Based Freestyle mixtape that brought together Chance The Rapper and Lil B last fall. 

While his first EP, Girl, was solely instrumentals, his new Hibernation EP has guest features on three of the four tracks to deliver a more complete package. The title is fitting as Boathouse explains the EP “came from a place of restlessness. The confinement of the cold allowed me to hole up in the studio and focus my energy into a project meant to touch those who felt like me.” Each of the songs carry the same vibe throughout the project as he goes on to say “the aesthetic is definitely inspired by the season and the feeling of being inside when it's cold outside. If you find yourself stuck inside like us, let this EP be the soundtrack to your grind, your reflection, your rest, or however you choose to spend your time in Hibernation." The the beats are spacey and electronic, yet they have hip hop roots with atmospheric synths adding depth.”

Boathouse kicks it off with “Far,” his collaboration with Kweku Collins & Kipp Stone, which shows off his production talents with intruding, distant sounding melodies along with rumbling 808s and shuffling drums laying the foundation for the swaggy singing and an on-point verse. The EP moves into a more trippy and seductive direction with “Twin Flame,” as the R&B based track kicks off with the sexy backing vocals of Drea Smith with skittering hi hats and dark, psychedelic keys. He then throws in a solid instrumental track “Coming Into Focus” with his with signature off-timed, fascinating drumbeat and floating background synths. Ending the EP is his collaboration alongside Allan Kingdom on “Lavish,” in which Allan offers some short raps while singing catchy lyrics in tune with the hard hitting, atmospheric beat. 

Grab a free download below of the EP and some other goodies and keep an eye on this up and coming producer!

Boathouse – Hibernation EP | Free Download