PREMIERE | Bran Movay Shares A Groovy Glimpse Of His Childhood With “Greens!”


We’re excited to share a TSIS debut from a budding young artist out of Dallas, Texas, Bran Movay. His newest single, “Greens!” is a groovy piece of nostalgia that showcases a unique fusion of hip hop, neo-soul, and jazz. 

Bran gives us a taste of his childhood through this lively track, full of plenty of references to mama’s cooking and mac n’ cheese. It’s a funky instrumental with an upbeat rhythm, a lively guitar riff, and some saxophone that is sure to get you grooving. 

Movay showcases strong lyricism and unique flow, indicative of an artist who’s got some experience under his belt and confidence in his words.

“Greens” comes as the lead single for the multi-talented Bran Movay’s upcoming EP, Flower Talk II. Check it out below. Enjoy!

Bran Movay – Greens!