PREMIERE | Breakout French Trio Carré Debuts Surreal Single New “Urgency”

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French native, LA-based trio Carré is making waves with the release of their second-ever single, “Urgency.” 

Carré’s newest is a wild, techno-based journey. This freeform single is focused on pushing boundaries and redefining the limits of electronic music as a whole as the trio seeks to establish their signature sound. A hypnotic, up-tempo track with looming vocals, “Urgency,” shows exactly what Carré can bring to the table.

The outside-the-box French newcomers take on a surrealist world outlook and want their music to match that. Inspired by dark and chaotic musical elements, Carré seeks to create a psychedelic and unparalleled experience for listeners.

“Carré” in French directly translates to playing on point, or tight. And the fresh trio certainly proves their ability to do so on “Urgency.”

“Urgency” comes following the release of the group’s debut single, “This Is Not A Band” released on March 27. Both tracks will be featured on their self-titled debut EP set to be released this spring. Check out the exclusive premiere of the single below, and keep your eyes peeled for more to come from Carré.

Carré – Urgency