PREMIERE | Carter Reeves Delivers Infectious Summertime Indie Song “Grey Area”

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Los Angeles-based artist Carter Reeves just unleashed an infectious new gem we’re stoked to be premiering today. The new song “Grey Area” highlights Reeves’ summer-ready indie sound that will put anyone in a good mood. The song just sounds like it’s made to blast with the windows down in the summer.

Being in the grey area is NO GOOD. If you’re in love, dive in. If you’re not, get out. If only it were that simple when I was going through it, huh? I like how this track has a feel good, beachy bump to it but a bit of a darker theme. Love a good contrast.” – Carter Reeves

The songs offers a healthy juxtaposition with a very uplifting, vibrant sound while touching on the difficulties of a new relationship. The dreamy guitar riffs compliment the clapping drums and pulsing bassline while Reeves’ vocals highlight the undeniably catchy song. I’m definitely going to have this on rotation going into summer. Enjoy!

Carter Reeves – Grey Area