PREMIERE | cln Drops Haunting, Sedated R&B Single “Dust”

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Australian artist, cln, has been on our radar for about a year now, ever since the release of his debut album, Dawn Chorus. Today, we’re excited to partner with Mammal Sounds to present his second release of 2020, a chilled out, electro R&B tune titled, “Dust.”

This pensive tune revolves around a slim, pattering drum kit and cln’s crooning vocals. The kinetic energy of the percussion against the drawn out vocals and synths makes for an engaging sonic duality. Earlier this year, Australia experienced a devastating wildfire that ran through the continent. The Brisbane based artist found inspiration in that devastating experience.

When I’m not making music, I spend most of my time working on conservation research projects. I have a few different roles, but most of them are focused on birds. One of my positions involves doing survey work in remote regions, many of which were burnt badly in the recent fires. This song is a reflection on the scorched landscapes that I’ve been working on and the emotions that they provoke.It’s quite difficult to see these forests burned so badly, particularly in areas where the plants that vulnerable species rely on are now completely gone.

While the fires have passed, you can see there is still much work to be done. Thankfully there are multi-faceted people like cln who are doing their part to help the replenish the scorched ecosystem. Stream cln’s newest single, “Dust,” below. Enjoy!

cln – Dust