PREMIERE | cln Delivers Dreamy New Single “Sunbeams”


Keeping momentum after a strong 2020 so far, Australian producer cln is back with another dreamy, ethereal track in “Sunbeams“, and we’re excited to give you an early listen before it drops this Friday, October 30. Melding a smooth syth backline with crooning vocals, this one is a downtempo primed for reflection.

“Sunbeams” is one of those songs that really promotes thought and introspection, and gives insight to the inspiration that made it. All music is relative to a time and place, and in this case—it’s very specific. To hear cln tell it:

This song is about nostalgia as it tells the story of a lost friendship and the experience of exploring both the good and bad memories associated with it.”

The vibes are palpable here, so we encourage you to find a spot where you can immerse yourself, and then give this one a nice rinse. Below is a link to the music, enjoy!

cln – Sunbeams