PREMIERE | Cloudchord & ProbCause Take Us On a Lush, Jazzy Journey with “Cryin’ Heart”

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It’s been a minute since Cloudchord and ProbCause teamed up to make some electro-jazz magic, but they’re back in a major way. This time, the duo also recruited the ultra-talented saxophonist Braxton Cook to make an appearance on their silky smooth track “Cryin’ Heart.”

Cloudchord kicks things off by laying down some vibrant, cool guitar licks. He even sprinkles some lush trills of guitar solo throughout the verse. This perfectly sets the stage for ProbCause’s fluid vocals, effortlessly switching from a hushed, sing-rap style on the verse to a refreshing alto on the chorus. The cherry on top is the saxophone solo by Cook that hits us in the back half of the song. Altogether, “Cryin’ Heart” is an elevated, soulful chill hop tune worthy of repeat listening.

Here’s what Cloudchord had to say about his partnership with ProbCause and Cook:

ProbCause and I tend to make music that has a poetically positive, and yet honest world outlook, so Braxton was a natural addition to that energy. The musical process of “Cryin Heart” was pretty effortless. I made a beat out of one of my Instagram “Licks of the Day.” I showed it to each of them “do your thing,” and they both came up with gold.

I think that’s because all 3 of us are used to working in situations outside of ourselves. I also produce for other popular acts like the Disco Biscuits, Prob is the MC for Griz, and Braxton tours with Tom Misch. All those situations keep us at the top of our game.

This song will be out everywhere tomorrow. You can listen to it exclusively below. Enjoy!

Cloudchord & ProbCause – Cryin’ Heart (feat. Braxton Cook)