PREMIERE | Conrank Unleashes Unruly Bass Weapons On ‘White Noise Generation’ EP

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If you’re a follower of TSIS, you know we enjoy some filthy bass to the face. Today, we’re pumped to bring back one of the UK’s baddest bass bringers, Conrank, for the premiere of his new White Noise Generation EP, out now on Liquid Stranger’s label, Wakaan.

This five track project is absolutely mind-melting from bottom to top. Tracks like “We’re Mucky” will have you helplessly searching for words to describe the feeling of the wubs and the dubs coursing through your body, while others like “BRING IT” will launch your straight through the ceiling.

Track for track, this latest project is one of the boldest bass collections we’ve heard in awhile. Have a mop ready, Conrank’s new White Noise Generation EP is a grade-A face melter. Enjoy!

Conrank – White Noise Generation EP