PREMIERE | Lock In To Your “Dark” Energy with For Life’s Pulsing New Banger

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I have spent a lot of my life awake at night and there is a certain mood that you can only find when everything is dark and you’re speeding through a tunnel with all the lights. “Dark” is the track for that moment.

Most of us can probably relate to this inspiration from the newest TSIS addition, Sydney based producer, For Life, especially those closer in proximity to a city. His new track, “Dark,” is for all you night owls out there, whether you’re on your way to the club or on your way home from the late shift. No matter the destination, one thing is for sure—the beat will get you where you need to go.

The reactive bass synth brings the track direction into clear focus while multi-layered samples periodically step in and out of focus. We have our destination, but the road there is punctuated by the brutal anticipation of the extensive evolving risers. The emersion from that thumping tunnel is euphoric, the release—addicting.

Whatever your evening holds tonight, make sure you cut out some time to pump this through a night time drive. Your body and mind will thank you. Stream For Life’s new single, “Dark,” below. Enjoy!

For Life – Dark