PREMIERE | daste. Scultps An Intimate Groove With New Track “either way,” Announces Debut Album

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Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of introducing Australian trio, daste., to the TSIS fan base for the premiere of their luscious EP, Same As It Ever Was. Today, the R&B/ neo soul outfit are back with a tranquil new single titled, “either way.”

Weightless synths float this new tune out of your speakers like an iridescent bubble suspended in the breeze. When a notably elegant bass line and whispy vocals join the mix, one can’t help but melt into the soulful ribbon of sound that blankets over us. The lyrics paint a remarkably fitting picture of resilience, as daste. describes:

‘either way’ represents the constant struggle that we all have within ourselves about the ups and downs of life. It’s also about recognizing those troubles and taking them in your stride, because even though it feels like everything might not be going the way you expected or maybe the worst day you’ve had in a while, the sun will rise either way. At the end of the day it’s up to you on how you want to experience those kinds of days and you can choose to learn from them or let them swallow you whole.

This new single is actually just one piece of a larger picture, serving as the first taste of the trio’s debut album, dusk/ dawn, due out in mid-2021. We’ve quickly become fans of the group this year, so you know we’ll have our ear to the floor for any updates on the project as they come along. In the mean times, stream daste.’s new single, “either way” below. Enjoy!

daste. – either way