PREMIERE | “Deep In The Dark,” Bleep Bloop’s Sinister New Single Awaits

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When was the last time you thought about what lurks within the dark corners of life? Whether it’s within the deepest pockets of the ocean, the most secluded corners of the deepest caves, or even within the shadows of your closet when you turn out the lights, what entities might exist? If you let your imagination run wild, you can probably come up with some pretty mental ideas, and Bleep Bloop’s new single, “Deep In The Dark,” gives audible life to those insanities.

A disjointed beginning keeps listeners on edge, not knowing when or what is even about to occur. We find brief solace in fairy-like synth patterns before something much more maniacal takes over—granulated madness reeling and growling end over end, clawing its way into your psyche before relinquishing its control in favor of magnetic wubs and our soothing chimes.

This latest single comes to us for exclusive premiere from Dome of Doom and is merely a taste of Bleep Bloop’s Revenge EP due out on October 15. Stream your early listen of “Deep In The Dark” below. Enjoy!

Bleep Bloop – Deep In The Dark