PREMIERE | Dreamers Delight Delivers a Royal Treat with “Emperor”

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Denver’s Dreamers Delight is opening up with his upcoming Departure EP. “I went through a lot of sadness and pain. However, it was also a rebirth. I created a healthier relationship with myself as well as with others,” he divulges. “Departure is saying goodbye to what I don’t need anymore. There’s the personal relationship, but there are also habits… I started taking better care of myself [and] music is a direct reflection of my experiences.”

Growth is necessary, but it isn’t always easy. For his second single from the EP, Dreamers Delight unveils an uplifting tune called “Emperor.” Echoing vocal chops and subtle piano lead the way for the song’s daunting drums and ultralight synths. The producer uses oscillating keys to enhance the rhythm, creating a mind-twisting melody to follow through to the end. Getting lost in the tune is the perfect setting for introspection. Dreamers Delight’s Reed Krafft gives insight into what he was thinking while creating the song, saying:

“[‘Emporer’] derived from the personal exploration of what I was working on during that time, which was coming out of some intense personal healing and letting go of some relationships that no longer served me. This track resembles the inner power to keep moving forward and work through the difficulties of what happens on your personal expansion of self.”

The full Departure EP will be out everywhere on May 13. Get the first listen of “Emporer” below. Enjoy!

Dreamers Delight – Emperor | Pre-order