PREMIERE | Dubloadz Showcases His ‘Savage Wonk’ Style On Grimy New “Pepper VIP”

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Dubloadz has become quite the veteran bass-bringer at this point. His low-end mastery has been featured on countless labels, and now the New Jersey based producer is getting ready to launch his own label, Ghost Gang Records, with the release of his upcoming Sharp Objects EP. Today, we’re hyped to have one of the project’s filthy new tracks, “Pepper VIP” on site for exclusive premiere.

This wild track starts us off in an ominous dark cavern surrounded by intermittent pumps of reverberating synths. As we slowly descend ever deeper, the bass kicks intensify, signaling the impending fate that awaits us. With a hair-raising skitter, a deadly minimalist drop descends, while whirring wubs energetically cycle round and round with bone shattering kicks and grinding low end waves.

This dark eerie taste of the upcoming project has left me immobile. I can’t move. The intriguing production and use of space within the track weave a grimy trap that takes hold from beat one. We’ll definitely be pre-saving this calamitous compilation. Stream Dubloadz newest track, “Pepper VIP” below. Enjoy!

Dubloadz – Pepper VIP