PREMIERE | Ducky Delivers Vibrant, Melancholic New EP ‘I Still Believe in Love’

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If Ducky isn’t already on your radar, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on her from now on. Having made a splash a few years ago on Skrillex’s Nest imprint and going on to drop tracks on labels like Deadbeats, Bite This!, Astralwerks and many more, today we’re excited to have the pleasure of premiering her brand new EP I Still Believe in Love.

While Ducky has a long track record of packing enormous amounts of emotion into her music, she outdid even herself with this latest offering. Based off her real life experiences of love and loss, from the start of the project, “Day Zero”, she weaves a melancholic tale of healing and grief post-breakup. Throughout the entirety of this four-track journey, Ducky has perfectly paired her passionate vocals with lush arpegios, skittering percussion and boomin bass to exemplify everything from the heavy, lowend depths of despair to bright, lighthearted rays of hope.

To display this amount of sonic vulnerability takes a lot of courage in itself, but to release this truckload of feels to the world on Valentine’s Day is something else entirely – props to you Ducky. Stream I Still Believe in Love below and enjoy!

Ducky – I Still Believe in Love