PREMIERE | Ed is Dead Serves Up Minimalistic Dance Single “Wolfram Alpha”


Ed is Dead‘s uniquely minimalistic production has continued to capture our attention, with arrangements that are both extremely dynamic and simple at the same time. Today, we have the great privilege of premiering his newest track “Wolfram Alpha,” exclusively on TSIS.

Ed is Dead offers a truly stereo listening experience on “Wolfram Alpha,” utilizing strategic panning and ear candy to keep the listener engaged. Bouncy arpeggios play into a swung garage groove, giving the track a sense of constant movement.

Ed is Dead commented on the meaning behind the track, sharing:

Wolfram Alpha is a kind of online search engine that uses a computational and natural language approach to generate answers to questions, a bit like a ‘proto chatGPT’. Actually, when I started to write the song, the main voices (that are, in part, generated with AI virtual singers) said, ‘I don’t fight it, but I don’t see the sunlight’ like someone who lives.

You can stream “Wolfram Alpha” exclusively at the link below, before it’s official release tomorrow, via Idioteque Records. Enjoy!

Ed is Dead – Wolfram Alpha