PREMIERE | Equanimous Brings Worldy Bass Vibes With New Track “Merging Elements” with Geometrae

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Normally, when I think of bass music I think of face melting wubz and head spinning dubz. But, our newest addition to the site, LA-based producer, Equanimous, is paving his own path in the wide world of bass with his self titled “blissful bass music,” and I am very much a fan. Coming to us via Gravitas Music, Equanimous makes his TSIS debut with a serene new track titled, “Merging Elements,” with Geometrae.

Fair warning, this latest offering will make you feel things you may have never felt, and it’s gonna be amazing. Angelic chimes and haunting vocal samples float over pattering drums and natural beatbox fills to form an eerie intro. As intermittent swells of low end synths evolve into rhythmic subs, an array of native flutes dance overhead forming a steadily tranquilizing yet organically driven vibe that will have you feeling like you’ve transcended to a pristine untouched world. Don’t believe me? Hit that play button below and find out for yourself.

This worldly wonder of a tune comes as the title track for Equanimous’ debut album. If this track offers any idea into the contents of the rest of that album, then we better hook up the good speakers, we don’t wanna miss a single beat. Stream Equanimous’ new track “Merging Elements,” featuring Geometrae, below. Enjoy!

Equanimous & Geometrae – Merging Elements