PREMIERE | Experimental R&B Singer & Producer Sølv Makes TSIS Debut With “Control”


Today we’re pleased to introduce budding London-based singer and producer Sølv with the premiere of her new song “Control.” The talented artist has a way of incorporating elements of R&B. electronic and pop in a distinct way. Her skittering percussion, brooding production and sultry vocals come together effortlessly on this new single and I’m loving it.

“The song explores a moment in time and a space for self-reflection. It’s that terrifying, yet liberating, moment of epiphany when you realise things have to change. Exploring both the positive and negative connotations of the word, Control is about realising you can’t control every aspect of life, while finding the strength to take control of your own thoughts.” – Sølv

There’s a dreamy, yet icy tone to her vocals that reminds me of BANKS, but while maintaining her own signature style. I love whenever an artist has just the right amount of experimentation in their music and Sølv nails this. Enjoy!

Sølv – Control