PREMIERE | Fakear Shares Organic Dance Track “Inner Forest”

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It is always exciting when we get the chance to premiere a track by an artist we believe in. Today, that artist is Fakear. The producer’s nostalgic, emotion-first approach to creating art allows fans to connect with his music on a spiritual level. Join us in an exclusive first listen to his new track, “Inner Forest.”

The producer’s incorporation of organic percussion really brings “Inner Forest” to life, resonating feelings of embracing the outdoors with the listener. Fakear keeps the groove laid-back for most of the song, employing tasteful vocal chops and minimalistic synth work, until the groove finally opens up when you least expect it, allowing a wave of pads and euphoric vibrations to wash over the listener.

Fakear commented on his plans for the future, sharing:

As I was gradually reconnecting with the outside world, I was realising how essential to me it was, and how much I had missed it. My new songs are full of this feeling. I love making music so that it can be shared, lived, vibed and danced to. Talisman was me returning to my roots. The new songs are a window to the future.

You can stream “Inner Forest” exclusively at the link below, before its official release tomorrow, via Nowadays Records, and catch Fakear live in London at his upcoming show at Studio 9294 on November 24th. Enjoy!

Fakear – Inner Forest