PREMIERE | Fly By Nite Shine On Debut Indie Electronic Single “Night People” Ft. Amanda Fondell

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Mysterious Berlin/LA-based duo Fly By Nite have premiered with us today their debut single, “Night People”, featuring vocalist Amanda Fondell. Not much is known about Fly By Nite except that they have a background in dance and pop production and songwriting, as evidenced by today’s track. Amanda Fondell, on the other hand, has already lent her talents to the likes of Kasbo, Axwell, and more. This powerhouse collaboration incorporates their skills effortlessly into this forward-thinking dance tune.

“There’s a particular kind of magic that kicks in with nightfall, an anticipating curiousity, and NIGHT PEOPLE pays homage to that feeling. We wrote the tune with Amanda Fondell between our studios in L.A., Berlin and Stockholm. At some point in the creative process, things just fell into place and we knew it would be the perfect debut for FLY BY NITE.”  – Fly By Nite

“Night People” centers its poppy, progressive-house-esque aesthetics on punchy percussion, melodic synths, and crisp vocals from Amanda Fondell. This soundscape is complete with deep piano leading up to bangin’ breakdowns, with Fly By Nite chopping and overlaying these vocals above an energetic synth bassline. Check out “Night People” below via Virgn Records and enjoy!

Fly By Nite – Night People (Ft. Amanda Fondell)