PREMIERE | For Life Shares Groovy New House Tune “Gets Down To It”


Australian producer, Adam Bozzetto, otherwise known as For Life, finds a unique balance between 90’s progressive influence and techno inspiration in his music. Describing his project as “a joyous, vibrant, immersive celebration of life,” For Life’s bright production style grabbed our attention and left us wanting more. His new single “Gets Down To It” is no exception.

A four-on-the-floor house groove starts “Gets Down To It” off strong, as a funky synth-bass line dances over the beat with impeccable style. Glistening guitar chords fill the mid-range, coupled with stylish vocal sampling, all contributing to the chilled-out vibes of “Gets Down To It.” Perfect for the club or even a late-night drive, For Life’s modern, energetic production shines from beginning to end.

You can stream “Gets Down To It” at the link below before its worldwide release later today. Enjoy!

For Life – Gets Down To It