PREMIERE | Rising Artist Froogle Delivers Dreamy New Alt-Pop Single “Patience”

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We’re excited to share yet another TSIS premiere with you all this week, this one from Houston-based producer/songwriter Froogle. This track “Patience” is a dreamy alt-pop single extolling the virtue that we all possess but some choose to utilize.

Drawing on Froogle’s experiences as an up and coming artist (he made EDM before he made the switch to pop), “Patience” is full of catchy, playful lyrics that manage to view a serious subject with a very carefree attitude. The mid-tempo beat allows him to express his ideas without either lyrics or instruments taking more of a front seat, which contributes greatly to the light-hearted feel of the track.

You can stream the new track from Froogle exclusively below. Enjoy!

Froogle – Patience | Presave