PREMIERE | FRQ NCY Drops Beautifully Glitched Bass Track, “Always The Time”

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Grab your good headphones, and make sure your sound is working well. You won’t want to miss a single detail of our next new track. “Always The Time” is the glistening experimental premiere you never knew you needed coming to us from Atlanta-based artist, FRQ NCY.

It’s hard not to slip peacefully into the grace of the keys, but why would you fight it? Even as the lithe piano evolves into encapsulating digital melodies, their new power invigorates the senses. The dramatic disparity of multi-layered sound design and negative space keeps the mind and ear stimulated until we awaken back in the refuge of the acoustic roots.

This new single comes off FRQ NCY’s new EP, Gems, due out on October 12. We’re loving this first taste, let’s see how the full meal sounds in five short days. Stream “Always The Time” below. Enjoy!

FRQ NCY – Always The Time