PREMIERE | Ghost Creek Set Tone For Debut EP With Moody “Night Fog”

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We love when two artists from different musical backgrounds come together to cook up a completely new sound that just works. Ghost Creek is the latest collaboration to fall into this bucket, the result of Denver based producer DMVU teaming up with R&B vocalist Kala. “Night Fog” serves as the lead single for their debut EP, long breaths that lead to silence, out this May.

Lo-fi, atmospheric electronic melodies serve as the backdrop for hazy R&B vocals in “Night Fog”, with buttery horns sprinkled in throughout. The song builds to a gentle drop, where Kala’s muted falsetto takes a backseat to DMVU’s refined, layered percussion production.

The track has a definite melancholic vibe, which is fitting considering its subject matter: coming to terms with death. Kala explains the lyrics as:

This track was about a near-death experience but then later relating to the dangers of losing yourself in exchange for something greater. Idk man, I’ve also always feared dying and not leaving anything behind but at least now my voice will still be around.

We’re excited to debut this exclusive premiere, releasing everywhere via Future Archive Recordings this Friday. Until then, you can stream it below. Enjoy!

Ghost Creek – Night Fog