PREMIERE | Gladkill Drops Profound, Wave-Influenced EP ‘Cold Comfort’


It is not too often that we come across the beginnings of a new genre. Wave, a seamless blend of trap, breaks, and electronica is the latest addition to the expansive categories of electronic music. One of the leading pioneers of the blossoming genre is the label, whose newest release comes from the genre-defying artist Gladkill. His EP, Cold Comfortjust might be your perfect introduction to wave.

Gladkill showcases his progressive sound design and skillful production on this, his newest five-track collection. The artist’s trap influence shines brightly, beginning with “Worlds Inside,” which increasingly builds momentum as it progresses, utilizing tight hats and atmospheric vocal chops along the way. Moving forward to the title track, elements of electronica are brought front and center, holding steady through the next track, “The Way You Like,” which features sparkly arpeggiations and soaring synth melodies. Next comes “Waterways,” a track that explores more dark, experimental production, and showcases Gladkill’s ability to create the heaviest of drops. Lastly, “Fragile” closes out the EP with its soft textures and glorious, flowing pads.

It is evident that Gladkill has so much to offer the electronic music community. Between his vast discography featuring house, bass, and downtempo tracks, to his pioneering of wave, the possibilities are endless for the future of this burgeoning producer.

You can listen to Gladkill’s new EP, Cold Comfort, before its official release on May 27, exclusively at the link below. We hope you enjoy!

Gladkill – Cold Comfort EP