PREMIERE | Golden Vessel Debuts Skipping Indie Single “that’s us” Ft. The Nicholas & rei so la

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Golden Vessel is having himself a year. The Aussie has been teasing us with single after single from his quickly approaching album, colt, and today he continues that streak with the release of one final album sample titled, “that’s us.” His sedated brand of lo-fi pop has way of weaving its way right into our nostalgia centers and we absolutely love it.

This new single finds its pulse with a skipping drum kit and a chilled out acoustic guitar – it always amazes me how Golden Vessel is able to convey such homey, wistful vibe without over producing. That homey feeling comes from the heart, when asked about his inspiration, GV said:

The song for me is about being away from friends and family (or people you don’t get to see very often) and getting really shortbursts of time with them that can feel great and overwhelming and then moving on till you cross paths again.

As He and rei so la trade serene vocal lines, one can’t help but envision gold tinted times with loved ones.

colt will be released in full on October 15. From what we’ve heard so far, I think we’re in for one of the most refreshing albums we’ve heard in a minute. Stream the video for Golden Vessel’s final single, “that’s us,” below. Enjoy!

Golden Vessel – that’s us (feat. The Nicholas & rei so la)