PREMIERE | Goose Bolton Completes A Pristine Lo-Fi “Flyover”

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2021 has been introducing us to heaps of new artists, and the newest addition to the site, Goose Bolton, is as enigmatic as they come. Not much is known about the newcomer, but his Bandcamp tells us he resides in Brooklyn, NY and that he possibly crash-landed on Earth earlier this year after an intergalactic heist went awry. Whatever this dude’s story is, he makes some luscious beats.

You may have heard his debut song, “Cat Summit,” make its way around TikTok, but today Goose follows up with a tranquil new track titled, “Flyover.” This downtempo tune takes distant cascades of reverberating synths and pairs them with grounded acoustic guitar chords, all encompassed with a sentimental filter. While listening to this serene single, one can easily envision a curious little alien cruising over our big blue marble of a planet and taking in the stunning imagery from space.

While we may not know much about this Goose Bolton, one thing is for sure, I’ll be looping this track hard for some much needed relaxation. Stream Bolton’s new track, “Flyover,” below. Enjoy!

Goose Bolton – Flyover