[PREMIERE] Rising Detroit Duo GOSH PITH Release Must Hear Single “In My Car” + Interview

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Detroit duo GOSH PITH have been longtime friends of GRiZ and have paved their own lane that crosses several genres. Their latest venture, "In My Car", is a hypnotic blend of ethereal layers and hard hitting trap percussion that intertwine with with rumbling bass lines and an indie vocal.

The duo is comprised of old childhood friends Josh Smith and Josh Freed who reconnected back in 2014. Soon after, they began producing music together in DIY fashion. The two have been heavily involved with Detroit's creative scene and even recorded "In My Car" in an old Detroit church that's since been utilized by local musicians. The track serves as a great introduction to the duo's eclectic sound for those who are unfamiliar with them. Enjoy!

"In My Car is about trying to get someone into the car. I don’t have a car currently but Josh does, I just wanted to talk about being impatient and focusing on one moment, one question, one request. We wrote the song pretty fast because it is about such a microcosm of interaction – the whole 3 minute song is about a 10 second interaction of pleading or telling someone to get in the car. We were a bit sick of hearing music about long winded concepts and grandiose meta themes – so we said we’d write a song about a single powerful moment in time, and we did. Tiny moments can be just as poignant as the big moments in life." – Josh Smith

In what ways has recording in various abandoned Detroit locations shaped your unique sound?

JS: We just use what we can, and our tone is pretty raw and stripped down, we don't like to add tons of tracks to the compositions. We recorded In My Car in an old church thats been repurposed as a hub for artists, the space is called Assemble Sound. It's far from abandoned, its a pretty vibrant atmosphere there, so I suppose we have ditched the mixing in cars for now. 

How do you feel about the current state of music and culture in Detroit?

JS: I can't speak on the state of music here in its entirety, there are still amazing players and musicians of all kinds in Detroit, theres also lots of up and coming acts that are touring and on soundcloud and what not. There's still great after hours rave and house parties, There has always been great acts coming out of Detroit, it seems like the scene is on the edge of a big shift to where musicians can stay in Detroit and not have to go to other cities to stay creating. But its always the same, it's generational – Moodymann never left Detroit. 

JF: Like Josh said, we definitely don't have a pulse on the entire music scene in the city – but Assemble Sound, the old church-turned-studio we work out of, definitely has us optimistic about the state of music in Detroit. It's pretty easy to get inspired when you're literally constantly surrounded by other musicians creating cool shit just a few feet down the hall from you. 

As long-lost childhood friends, what made you reconnect with each other and begin collaborating on music?

JS: We both were going to school in Ann Arbor, I think it was just good universe timing and good music and explorations I think kept us making music.

JF: One night we found ourselves in the same room and immediately made a song together. It's been a lot of evolution since then, but we've been making music together pretty much every day since. 

How did you connect with GRiZ’s Electronic Funk collective All Good Records?

JF: When Josh and I were just getting going in Ann Arbor together, Griz was just starting to do his thing in East Lansing as DJ GK. We had a bunch of mutual friends and just started making music together whenever one of us ended up in each other's city. One time we got super faded at Grant's apartment and made a posse rap tune with all three of us trading verses – Grant is actually a dope rapper, maybe we'll get to see that side of him one day. Ever since then it's been a lot of love & friendship back and forth, Josh and I both have a lotta love for that dude and his whole team.

GOSH PITH – In My Car | Stream Only

Tour dates: 

10/1/16 Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheater (w/ GRiZ)

10/3/16 Wichita, KS – Barleycorn's

10/4/16 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room 

10/5/16 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose

10/6/16 Lincoln, NE – Lincoln Calling Music Festival

10/7/16 Milwaukee, WI – Back Room at Colectivo

10/8/16 Chicago, IL – Township (w/ Rich Jones)

10/7/16 Bloomington, IN – Bishop

10/11/16 Columbus, OH – The Basement

10/12/16 Cleveland, OH – Mahall's

10/14/16 Detroit, MI – Loving Touch 

10/15/16 Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme

Tickets at goshpith.com