PREMIERE | GRAVEDGR & HEKLER Go Ballistic On Mind-Numbing New Track “Came From Hell”

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Sometimes you come across a track that just makes you go, “Wow.” Well GRAVEDGR & HEKLER have teamed up on wild new cross-genre track, that will have you questioning your very existence while desperately searching for a rail to head bang with.

Came From Hell” comes to us from Heavyweight Records and shows that GRAVEDGR and HEKLER are truly a match made in heaven (or should we say hell?). Pitched vocals create hazy but hurried energy to start, and while things may seem relatively collected for now, something massive waits just around the corner. With no other warning than the splash of a cymbal and hastened build, we’re launched straight into a mind melting wall of searing saws and high intensity drum and bass. Its like I was just thrown face first into an electric fence, but sign me up for round 2 (and round 3, 4, 5….). But be warned, drop two is a whole new beast in and of itself.

Normally, you’re flagged by international law enforcement for having this much fire power, but I’d face this weapon any day of the week. Stream GRAVEDGR & HEKLER’s crazy new single “Came From Hell” below. Enjoy!

GRAVEDGR & HEKLER – Came From Hell