PREMIERE | helloworld & Pauline Herr Soar With Sweeping New Future Bass Tune “voices”

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We love seeing an artist who lets their work speak for itself. Our newest addition to the site, helloworld, is also the newest addition to SLANDER’s Heaven Sent lineup, and while little is known about the new artist, their debut track, “voices,” will certainly put them on your radar.

Heartfelt orchestration led by guest vocalist, Pauline Herr, opens this new offering, but as the twirling synths slowly disintegrate, they burst back to the forefront followed by a seething wall of bass.

When a drop is able to convey so much unspoken emotion, you know the mastermind behind the production has some skill. SLANDER got a good one with this newcomer. Stream helloworld’s debut track, “voices,” below. Enjoy!

helloworld – voices (feat. Pauline Herr) | Presave