PREMIERE | HEXED Resurrects DJ FRESH’s “Louder” with Heavy New Dubstep Remix


We love when new artists take a stab at a throwback and absolutely nail it. That’s what has happened here with a brand new take on the 2011 classic, “Louder,” by DJ FRESH and Sian Evans. Las Vegas-based producer HEXED is the one responsible for giving the track a new polish, and we’re loving the sound.

“Louder” was one of the more popular drumstep tunes that came out around the turn of the decade when both dubstep and drum & bass (and EDM in general) were exploding in the states. HEXED’s remix drops with a mammoth wall of bass, which then calls upon both old-school and new-school styles of dubstep. From spacey, experimental wubs to euphoric and vibrant synths.

Here’s what HEXED had to say about the remix:

The first time I heard “Louder” by DJ Fresh was a life-changing experience. Prior to that moment, I listened to primarily Rap music and my taste quickly evolved after hearing this song. The vocal stuck with me forever as one of the most powerful choruses I’d ever heard on any song. Now, a decade later, I decided to make a remix of one of the most iconic Dubstep songs of all time. I hope this version has the same impact on listeners that I felt when I first heard it.

You can stream this new version of “Higher” by HEXED below. Enjoy!

DJ FRESH – Louder (HEXED Remix)