PREMIERE | Honey Trap Rocks An Impassioned Alt-Rock Energy On “Lost In Your Love”

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There’s a certain cathartic magic to classic 3-piece band. Our newest addition to the TSIS page is well-oiled 3-piece machine hailing from the UK called Honey Trap. After listening to their latest single, “Lost In Your Love,” all I can say is, these guys rip.

The distinct kicks of a live drum kit locked in with the steady chucks of a rhythm guitar and the guiding force of a bass lock give this group an awesome alternative groove, while some elegant keys round out the chordal structure. Enter those passionate vocal layers and you have yourself an invigorating alt-rock track that will have you swaying and bobbing right along with it.

This jam is the group’s third release with an EP and an album on the way later this year. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on the horizon for these guys because we could definitely use a little more of this energy through our speakers. Stream Honey Trap’s new single, “Lost In Your Love,” below. Enjoy!

Honey Trap – Lost In Your Love