PREMIERE | HoneyLuv’s Debut Single “F R E E” Gives a Modern Touch to Classic Piano House


If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on HoneyLuv becoming the next big thing in house music.

We’re stoked to offer this exclusive premiere of her first single ever, a high-octane house banger called “F R E E”. While this may be her debut single, HoneyLuv is no stranger to DJing, and has been making a name for herself through streaming on Twitch and live sets throughout the LA music scene. She even caught the eye of TSIS fave LP Giobbi, landing a residency on her FemmeHouse series.

“F R E E” is a joyful track from start to finish, transporting the listener straight to the dance floor. It starts off strong with some soulful piano, and then we get some tech house break downs, topped off with some tropical-leaning backing beats. She’s giving us a modern twist on some classic 70’s style disco, especially with the jubilant vocals repeating the mantra “free the people, free the soul, free your mind” throughout.

“F R E E” will be officially released this Friday via Popgang Records, but until then you can stream it using the link below. Enjoy!

HoneyLuv – F R E E