PREMIERE | Hugh Klein Shares Intoxicating New Tune “Sensitive”

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As the season’s begin to change and the temperatures begin to drop, we prepare to more frequently take refuge in the comfort of our homes. When we do this though, a continued sense of connection becomes increasingly important. Our latest addition to the site, Australian artist, Hugh Klein, aims to musically encapsulate that feeling of genuine connection in his new single, “Sensitive,” coming to us via Lekker Collective.

Klein’s years of production experience shine clear as a day in this reflective new track, as a sedated drum kit delivers high speed licks with pinpoint precision and spaced out keyboards and vocals hang suspended in the air like a stimulating mist. Klein reminisced about the song’s fruition in France:

“The lyrics, deliberately spaced & brief, originate from a notebook of short poem’s I kept while residing in Pantin, France. Experiencing connection in a new location of the world became particularly important and I was making my first findings of incredible & unmatched intimacy through finding genuine connection. To me there is nothing more intimate than two minds that completely understand each other. ‘Sensitive’ pays homage to this concept & is designed to bring your attention to the details – to sit in the groove and realise the underlying narrative the arrangement delivers.”

This soulfully produced song comes as the second single from Klein’s incoming album, No Plans, No Rules. I don’t know about you but this track has me spellbound and definitely ready for more. While we wait for the rest of intimately fueled project to release, stream Hugh Klein’s impassioned new tune, “Sensitive,” below. Enjoy!

Hugh Klein – Sensitive