PREMIERE | HVNNIBVL Drops Powerful Genre-Blending Belter “Losin My Mind”

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Don’t you just love a good belter? A track whose lyrics are relatable and free flowing just resonates with listeners to become a sure-fire hit, and that’s exactly what we have with our latest premiere. LA-based pop artist HVNNIBVL is making his TSIS debut with an absolute anthem titled “Losin My Mind.”

This new offering has all the makings of a present day hit. Thunderous bass hits, a downtempo hip-hop/ R&B drum kit, and a chorus that rings out a powerfully relatable message for the current times. “Sometime I just feel like I’m losing my mind. Kick myself when I’m not in overdrive, I gotta let it out, can’t sweat it out, I’m a victim of my life. Sometimes I just feel like I’m out of time.”

COVID-19 has disrupted so many lives, and many people count on a stable life for their own mental health. HVNNIBVL’s new song articulates the feelings of countless people, and provides a feeling of connection for anyone struggling at the moment. Stream HVNNIBVL’s latest single, “Losin My Mind,” below. Enjoy!

HVNNIBVL – Losin My Mind