ilo ilo Surprise With Refreshing, Vibrant Debut EP ‘wish i said this to u sooner’


The mystery of ilo ilo continues… Today we get the enigmatic artist project’s debut EP, wish i said this to u sooner. Everything about ilo ilo is dialed in. From the music to the branding to the wild rollouts, everything seems calculated and thoughtfully put together. There’s nothing standard about them. They just recently shared an Absofacto remix in addition to their infectious EP singles “come thru” and “what u need” and keep the new tunes flowing as they surprised us with a full project today.

The 5-track project brings the distinct sound we’ve loved from ilo ilo ever since they sent us their debut single on a USB in the mail. They have a distinct way of placing vibrant steel pan melodies alongside crunching basslines, smooth synths and dreamy vocals in the best way possible. Although it’s unclear who is behind the project, the songs are relatable and accessible to fans of any genre.

This new EP didn’t just pop up out of nowhere – it was actually quite the event. After we noticed some ilo ilo sculptures pop up around LA earlier this week, we knew something was up. Shortly after, photographer and all around cool dude Jason Siegel  (you can see the adventure in his highlights) was mysteriously contacted by ilo ilo to embark on an unknown adventure. He was flown out to LA where he followed a trail of clues that had him essentially send it on a scavenger hunt around the city from location to location over the course of a couple days. Along the way he did everything from skinny dip to find a clue, rode a motorcycle, was kidnapped in a Uhaul and brought to a day spa before finally ending up at ilo ilo’s performance at an EP release party. It was one of the craziest marketing campaigns I’ve seen for a project and was certainly entertaining throughout.

The full EP is sounding fresh from start to finish and we’re excited to see where they go from here. Enjoy!

ilo ilo – wish i said this to u sooner