PREMIERE | Indie Pop Artist Glassio Shares Emotional New Dream Pop Track “Dynamites”


Irish-Iranian artist Glassio is making a name for himself as someone who combines dream pop instrumentation with emotional lyricism. His new track “Dynamites” perfectly pairs these two elements. The result is a tender indie track, full of yearning and soft sounds.

“Dynamites” kicks off with an indie drum line, letting a swell of dream pop synth rise over it. Gradually, Glassio also introduces melodic piano chords that produce a melancholic vibe. Another consistent sonic theme of this track is the sentimental guitar strumming, which serves as the perfect backdrop for his heartbreaking lyrics.

The song tells a story of love and loss. Revealing the tale behind the track, Glassio says:

I wanted to tap into a feeling of loneliness, and a longing to be in touch with someone you are no longer able to see. Little did I know that in just a few short weeks id be dealing with the hardest loss of my life: losing my father and best friend to COVID pneumonia. There were only two songs on the album that he didn’t hear before he passed, and this was one of them. The song slowly morphed more and more into a track about having an imaginary conversation with someone who is no longer with you, and your knowledge of their spirit and character being there to help you through things. It’s a very spiritual song to me, and helped me grieve that loss.

The release of “Dynamites” is also accompanied by the release of a lyric visualizer. The video helps to give life to this sense of forlorn loneliness. “Dynamites” will be released everywhere tomorrow, so make sure to catch this exclusive premiere below. Enjoy!

Glassio – Dynamites