PREMIERE | Indigo Eyes Unveils Vibrant New Bop, “Jaded”

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A couple months ago we had the pleasure of introducing you all to young-gun UK artist Indigo Eyes and his blissful mid tempo track, “Forbidden.” Today, he’s back on site with an effervescent new single titled, “Jaded,” with vocalist, Georgie O’Brien.

This new track is as refreshing as they come. Breezy synths glisten in the background while skipping percussion gives a dance ready direction to the beat. O’Brien’s crooning melody tells a familiar story of being hurt by love just one too many times, adding an air of relatability to this already infectious tune. Indigo Eyes had this to say on the writing of this lead single:

Jaded is definitely the most club-ready track off of the EP. Its the embodiment of everything I love about the more experimental side of house music, which is exactly what I set out to create when I sat down to write it. The whole instrumental was finished in about a day and Georgie absolutely killed it with the hook, she’s such a talented writer and knew exactly what my vision for the track was. It was honestly such an amazing experience seeing how quickly it all came together.

This latest single is set to join “Forbidden” with two other tracks on the artist’s upcoming EP, Close To You. Get your exclusive sneak peak of Indigo Eyes’ newest bop, “Jaded,” below. Enjoy!

Indigo Eyes – Jaded (feat. Georgie O’Brien)