PREMIERE | Purified Records Artist Deviu Gives Labelmates Jackarta’s “Into The Wild” a Melodic Remix

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One of the coolest things about producing music in 2021 is how easy it is to collaborate with other artists around the world.

Today’s exclusive premiere of “Into The Wild” circles the globe with its production credits. This track is the latest single from Berlin and Moscow-based group Jackarta, features vocals from Amsterdam artist Diana Miro, and a lush official remix from Colombian artist Deviu.

These global influences shine through on Deviu’s remix. Dialing up the BPM, his version of “Into The Wild” steers the track into more progressive and melodic territory. He lets Miro’s goosebump-inducing vocals stay the main focus, cloaking them in waves of dramatic synth. Meanwhile, the majestic instrumentation of the track builds behind the vocals, driving to an epic chorus. A veritable orchestra of synth reaches an emotional crescendo, with layers of sweeping bass adding dimension to the atmospheric soundscape. The result is a gorgeous piece of music that you just have to close your eyes and get lost in.

Releasing via Purified Records, “Into The Wild” is out everywhere Friday. Until then, you can get your fix by exclusively streaming below. Enjoy!

Jackarta – Into The Wild (Deviu Remix)