PREMIERE | Jayceeoh Soars Sky High On Exhilarating New Track “High Tide”


During the pandemic, Jayceeoh took the time to reflect on his creative direction, discovering a new sound that spoke to him personally and came from his soul. The LA-based producer/DJ has since been slowly unveiling his forthcoming debut album Twilight 9. Today, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you an exclusive first listen of his next single “High Tide,” featuring PB&Jay.

Jayceeoh’s newfound creative direction can be heard almost instantaneously on the track as he creates an epic sonic landscape that soars sky high. As Jayceeoh puts it, “High Tide’ is a song about being flooded with pressure in life and finding a way to get away from it all.” Dreamy vocals are paired with melodic live horns as Jayceeoh blends harmonic sounds with bouncy wubs for an uplifting, high-energy affair.

Here’s what Jayceooh had to say about the new track:

“I’m very excited to share the third single off my debut album. As I continue to showcase my growth as a producer and artist ‘High Tide’ is a beautiful song that is a rollercoaster ranging from beautiful melodies, vocals, live horns, and hard hitting tasteful drops. This is record is also the debut of my new side project PB&Jay with musician and vocalist Phil Beaudreau.”

Jayceeoh’s Twilight 9 is set to release on September 13. “High Tide” will be available everywhere tomorrow but you can stream it exclusively below. Enjoy!

Jayceeoh – High Tide (Ft. PB&Jay)

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