PREMIERE | Jeremy Olander Reaches The “Summit” On Dark, Melodic New Tune

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Today we’re pleased to be sharing with you a dreamy new dancefloor number from Swedish melodic house/techno don, Jeremy Olander. “Summit,” which comes off his label Vivrant, is his latest, and we’re able to give you the first listen before it drops this Friday, December 11.

Jeremy Olander is an expert at capturing certain moods in his music, and he’s done that fantastically with “Summit.” Hearing this track unfold is like watching an artist paint a picture. For this piece, we’re visualizing treacherous, snowy mountains that still have a pink hue from a fleeting sunrise.

We’re loving the groove on this one, and we’re sure you will too.

Check out “Summit” by Jeremy Olander below. Enjoy!

Jeremy Olander – Summit