[PREMIERE] Fei-Fei & Jessie Andrews – You : Chill Indie / Disco / Trap / Electronica [Free Download]


Today we get the latest premiere with free download from porn star gone DJ / producer Jessie Andrews, this time teaming up with Fei-Fei for the collaborative song 'You' bridging a potpourri of genres including indie, disco, trap. electronica and more for a fun upbeat chilled out mixture. This follows up Jessie's recent deep house take on Drake 'Too Much' .

In the words form the girls who made the track Jessie and Fei Fei:

YOU is literally what you get when you put 2 girls in the studio together, being weird and messing around.  We were listening to a bunch of old tunes and just started messing around with some samples and the song is just that and some really pretty synths.  It's a mix of all of our indie-disco–trap-electronica influences all rolled up into one hot mess! "

Jessie Andrews & Fei Fei – You | Direct Download