PREMIERE | Jon Casey Previews New Album With Staggering New Bass Track “NOSEDIVE”

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Get ready, folks. You’re about to take a Jon Casey-sponsored “NOSEDIVE” to the floor. The South African sound slinger is back on site with a new otherworldly track that will have your head spinning. “NOSEDIVE” is the second single coming off of his upcoming album, Harsh Reality, which arrives on July 30 via Dome of Doom. We’re thrilled to be offering up an exclusive premiere of the track. 

Pulsing, sub-y synths induce a hypnotic rhythm from the start, while skittering percussion kits tap out a dizzying array of patterns, leaving no room to second guess what you’ve gotten yourself into here. We’re loving how this one trudges along while oozing out its dark, powerful wubs. 

We’ve become fast fans of the up-and-comer’s work, so you know we’ll be covering that on release day. Stream Jon Casey’s new single, “NOSEDIVE,” below. Enjoy!

Jon Casey – NOSEDIVE