PREMIERE | Buckle Up For Just A Gent’s Sinister New Genre Blender “AUTOPILOT”

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Another day, another banger in the arsenal of Just A Gent. We’d be hard pressed to find a track we didn’t like from the Aussie, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be starting today.  Last month, we were gifted the bass fueled journey of a tune, “ELEMENT 13,” as the debut single from his upcoming EP, AUTOPILOT. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the project’s title track, and, as if any warning was needed, this one is not for the faint of heart.

This latest single starts by painting a haunting soundscape that creeps in from all sides before pouncing on every unsuspecting listener that dares make it this far. Armed to the teeth with biting low end hits and pulsing bass saws, this drop will ensnare even the toughest listeners in its sound waves.

We could sing JAG’s praises as a producer all day long, but we’ll let you experience it for yourself. Just beware of what waits within drop number two. Stream Just A Gent’s sinister new single, “AUTOPILOT,” below. Enjoy!