PREMIERE | JVLY Displays An Elegant, Future Soul Sound With ‘inside weather’ EP

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of premiering two of Australian artist, JVLY’s, refreshingly chilled out singles, “me&her” and “aporia,” off his upcoming EP. Thankfully that upcoming EP has finally arrived and we now get to see the lush body of work come together to form JVLY’s latest project, inside weather.

The energy of this EP ebbs and flows in such a serene manner. Tracks like “moonpod,” “aporia,” and “monsoon” leave us suspended with an airy wave, while others like “tacenda,” “me&her,” and “potplant” bounce around like iridescent bubbles dancing atop a warm breeze. JVLY had this to say on inside weather’s design:

“‘inside weather’ is really one central concept in the way that it follows from different parts of the same story through each of the songs, and I really wanted to make sure that it all tied together seamlessly when you play it from start to finish. I hope people get the chance to listen to it like that, it makes the most sense that way.”

We knew from the first couple singles that this EP was gonna be good, but the Aussie went absolutely went above and beyond with this one- this project is 21 minutes of bliss. Stream JVLY’s new EP, inside weather, coming to us via Mammal Sounds Records, below. Enjoy!

JVLY – ‘inside weather’