PREMIERE | Drift Away With JVLY’s Sedated R&B Single “aporia”

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We’re always keeping a steady eye on the Australian music scene. The land down under is teeming with unique sounds and talented artists, and our next premiere is blissful testament to that. Rising artist, JVLY, hails from Newcastle, Australia and sports some the lushest electro soul/R&B songwriting we’ve heard in a minute. His new single, “aporia” comes via Mammal Sounds Records and is the latest taste of his upcoming EP.

JVLY has accrued quite a fan base on the other side of the globe and its plain to see why when listening to this sublime song. A placid piano, and a quaint drum kit lay the groundwork for the Aussie’s crooning vocals, while intermittent ideas are peacefully played out by the occasional saxophone, guitar, or synth. 

Speaking about the single, JVLY said,

“I think it mirrors the central idea of the whole EP and it captures the exact feel I wanted for this little album, the uncertainty. I couldn’t think of the right name for it, I was trying way too hard for ages and then I saw ‘aporia’ in a book and I googled it because I liked the word, it means “an irresolvable internal contradiction”. Seems to sum it up perfectly.”

“aporia” also comes with an accompanying music video that coincides with the song’s refrain, “I couldn’t have it both ways.”  Director Rodrigo Badoino gave us some insight on the video as well:

“We decided to use two different aspect ratios as it plays with the theme of the song. Visually you either have one or the other. Every choice from story to colour was made with this in mind. You can’t have it both ways.”

Stream and watch JVLY’s graceful new single “aporia” below. Enjoy!

JVLY – aporia