PREMIERE | Kaisha Weaves Sonic Silk With New Neo-Soul Single “Tell Me”

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Some artists are blessed with a voice that sounds like a gift straight from the heavens. One such artist is up-and-coming Malaysian vocalist, Kaisha. Today, we have the distinct pleasure of partnering with the golden-voiced queen for the premiere of her impossibly smooth neo-soul single, “Tell Me.”

This track’s production is laid out perfectly for Kaisha’s captivating voice. No more than a quaint keyboard and bass and a lightly ticking drum kit are needed, any more would distract from the young star’s voice. In a hypnotically smoky fashion, Kaisha takes us through the relatable circumstances of a toxic relationship.

“Tell” Me is when things keep falling apart even when you glue them together. It’s like climbing up a hill and ending up back at the starting line before you’ve even reached the peak. This track talks about the exhausting and toxic cycle that two people can get caught up in, with both people refusing to leave with the only way out. – Kaisha

With a voice and vibe like this, Kaisha is on a one way track to the top. There’s just something about soulful R&B that weaves an undeniable spell around listeners. As we anxiously wait for the release of the rest of the EP later this year, we’ll be absolutely rinsing this track all summer long. Stream Kaisha’s newest single “Tell Me,” below. Enjoy!

Kaisha – Tell Me