PREMIERE | La Felix Drops Off A Free Spirited Remix Of Penny & Sparrow’s “Recuerda”

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Our latest premiere has me feeling right as rain. New Zealand based artist, La Felix, is back on site with a featherlight revamp of Texas folk duo, Penny & Sparrow’s, heartfelt ballad, “Recuerda.”

Favoring an upbeat skip in place of the original’s more passive tempo, La Felix gives this love song a sunny energy boost that fits like a glove. A groove filled bass line, plucking strings, and dreamy synths  playfully commingle to make this track a breezy poolside party starter. Penny and Sparrow were equally thrilled with the remix as well, saying:

This song, in the original format, has always felt sexy in a languid way. It felt like day drinking in the sun, slowly, and fooling around on a beach towel. Then the remix came along and with it came a sense of urgency. What La Felix has done is (somehow) kept all the erotic energy of the original and, through some truly beautiful production alchemy, made it something unique. This version of ‘Recuerda’ is the stolen kiss in the bar corner, the hand on the inner thigh at dinner, the bitten lower lip version. We love it.

Join the party by streaming LA Felix’s fresh new remix of Penny & Sparrow’s “Recuerda” below. Enjoy!

Penny & Sparrow – Recuerda (La Felix Remix)