PREMIERE | late year Turn Heads With Celestial Bass Track “sinking @@!”

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From otherworldly soundscapes to avant-garde experimental beats, there are few things we appreciate more than boundary pushing tracks and an artist trying to carve their own niche. Our newest addition to the site is up and coming duo, late year (Dilip & Otxhello), and their debut single “sinking @@!” featuring chromonicci has captured our attention with it’s sense-tingling sound design and its bone rattling bass.

On beat one, we’re gently whisked away into a warm vibrant world teeming with life. Just as we embrace the uplifting choir of synths, our journey dives deep beneath the sound waves in favor of mysterious new realm. As skittering breaks and graceful chimes twist and spin among the staggered vocal chops and deep bass hits, we become fully immersed in a vast subterranean sonic landscape. Calling this track immersive would be an understatement

This new track comes as the first single off the duo’s debut album due out on January 8 on Alpha Pup. This may just be the appetizer, but something tells me we’re in for one deliciously satisfying project. Stream late year’s debut single, “sinking @@!” featuring chromonicci below. Enjoy!

late year – sinking @@!