PREMIERE | Le Voix Du Monde Drops Transcendently Smooth Afro House Groove, “Time”

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We live to find underground artists who can produce with the best of them. The trick is uncovering new talents that tap into cutting-edge or underused sounds and themes that separate them from the pack. Our newest addition to the site, Le Voix Du Monde, has caught our attention with an impossibly lush new groove titled, “Time.”

Shades of deep house dance under the overarching theme of afro house in this tamely energetic new tune. Percussive energy and a dynamic bass line propels the track forward, while the swelling keys commingle with the hypnotic spoken word spell to cultivate a warmly sedating aura from within. This is the perfect end of the night offering to gently bob through that come down.

If you’re like me and search for ethnically appreciative or influenced modern sounds, this is 100% the song for you. Stream Le Voix Du Monde’s new track, “Time,” below. Enjoy!

Le Voix Du Monde – Time