PREMIERE | LEVEL UP & JEANIE Launch Us Straight Into A Dubstep “Hell Hole”

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Our latest premiere comes from the minds of two badass bass ladies, LEVEL UP & JEANIE. These two both had highly productive 2020’s, and today they team up with Bassrush Records to deliver a weapon of devilish destruction titled, “Hell Hole.

From beat one it sounds like we’re in the midst of impending dread. This track goes 0 to 100 real quick, erupting from eerie tones into a drop of biting mid range growls clawing at you from all sides. In JEANIE’s words, “it reminds me of what a horror game would sound like right before you descend into hell.” We couldn’t agree more, JEANIE.

These two up-and-comers are making it abundantly clear that they mean business. There’s no stopping this train of talent and female force. Stream LEVEL UP and JEANIE’s high powered single, “Hell Hole,” below. Enjoy!